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What is a life settlement?

A life settlement is the sale of one's life insurance policy to a third party for money. In turn, the policy owner will name this third party investor as the owner and beneficiary. Once the policy is sold, the third party will continue to fund the policy until it is matured. When the insured person passes away, the third party investor will receive the policy’s payment upon maturity.

What is a Viatical Settlement?

You may have never heard of a viatical settlement, but it is not as complicated as it sounds. A viatical settlement is essentially what a life settlement is, though it is traditionally used for the chronically ill. A viatical settlement is when you sell your life insurance policy to an investor for a sum of money before the policy has fully matured. This is typically used to help a person with a terminal or chronic illness obtain funds for any possible financial needs they have. If your life expectancy has been shortened due to a medical condition or accident, a viatical settlement can provide you with a substantial sum of money in return for your life insurance policy.

Is There A Purchase Criteria?

We do impose a purchase criteria that is specific to Rhodium Legacy and are subject to change over time. Currently, Rhodium Legacy is looking for policy holders with the following criteria

• Age 70yrs or more
• Age 69yrs or less: Dependent on health
• Life Expectancy: 175 months or less
• Policy Amount: $250,000 and above

Criteria is subject to change without notice.

Who is Rhodium Legacy?

We are successful investors in life and viatical settlements. We have substantial additional cash we are looking to invest in setttlements.

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Slightly impaired
Moderate impairments
Significantly impaired

Under 65
65 - 69
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